5 Simple Tips To Improve Your Back Squat

1. Plant your feet and try not to move them whilst performing the lift. Watch for the knees coming in or out excessively.

2. Work to YOUR range of motion. You don’t need to go ‘ass to grass’ for the squat to be effective and especially not if you don’t have the range or have to change how you execute the lift.

3. Brace your core tightly during and pull the bar down hard against your traps (neck area) whilst contracting your lats against the bar (back muscles).

4. Try to ‘push the floor away from you’ rather than just lift. You want to keep your feet planted and don’t want to transfer the load onto your toes where you’re likely to lift your heels and create instability.

5. Keep your head in the game. When the lift gets a bit ‘grindy’ and bar speed slows, do not panic. Hold your form and finish your rep.


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Chris Mason