3 Ways to Set Up Your Diet For Fat Loss Results

In this short article i will share an insight with into how i arrange a diet for a client based around calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins to achieve phenomenal results.

And the method that i pick depends largely on where the client is now in terms of calorie intake and how these calories relate to their goals 

Essentially there are three way that i can set up a diet for a client;

  • 1. Linear
  • 2. Reverse Linear
  • 3. Undulating


A linear diet is the one that works well for most clients, especially beginners learning about food and how to track, and it means that we're starting calories higher at the front end of the diet before gradually reducing over the duration of the diet.

For example, a diet may start at 2400kcal and end at 1400kcal (not a real diet just an example) over the course of the calorie deficit.

This would allow for gradual reductions in calories over time and is probably the easiest to implement if you are new to setting up your diet based on calories and macro-nutrient targets.

Reverse Linear

With a reverse linear diet, we're doing the opposite to a linear diet in the respect that we're starting lower and ending higher. This approach works well as a 'reverse diet' or works with with someone very comfortable with tracking and dieting in general.

This could be the opposite of the above example, where we build from 1400kcal to 2400kcal over the duration of the reverse linear diet.

Building calories overtime allows an increase in training performance as more nutrients become available. This could also work for a 'bulk' diet.


This is one of my favourite ways to structure a clients diet but perhaps a little more complex. Here we take the calories and distribute a higher total to training days and a lower total to non training days which again changes over time.

So for example, this may be 2400kcal on training days and 1600kcal on non training days. Again, numbers plucked from thin air to provide an example so don't take these as the numbers that you should be following. Essentially, the calorie intake is changing depending on which type of activity is taking place on that particular day.

Another way to use undulating calories for sustainability is to give lower calories during the week and more at the weekend. This approach works well for those who tend to do more socially on a weekend and want more calories to 'spend' knowing that through the week they've adjusted their calories to make this work.

This could be 1600kcal Monday to Friday and 2400kcal on the weekend.

Any one of these approaches can work in helping you lose weight and body fat, the trick is finding the one that you can stick to and makes the most sense to you!

And this before discussing strategies such as diet breaks, mini cuts and re-feeds which again are things that we can work into the diet to ensure optimal results.

Any questions?

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Chris Mason