3 Reasons to eat more food to lose weight

When it comes to losing weight, most of you know the drill;

You have to eat less and exercise more.

That we ALL know.

But what happens when your fat loss grinds to a halt and you’re not sure what to do next?

Well, if you’re looking to lose weight and strip down your levels of body fat, today i am going to tell you that to transform your body you are going to start by eating MORE.


Here are just 3 reasons to eat more food in order to lose more fat

1. Build Your Metabolism Instead Of Crashing It

If you’ve been eating little food or dieting hard for quite some time, now would be a good time to increase the amount of food that you’re consuming in order to rebuild your caloric intake before you start reducing once again.

Why? Because you can’t diet forever!

And some of the longer term adaptations to dieting include reducing energy expenditure at rest, energy expenditure during exercise, thermic effect of food, non exercise induced thermogenesis (general calories burned during normal day to day activity) as well as a lower of thyroid and anabolic hormones such as testosterone.

Yes, we need to place the body in a state where it is breaking down fat if fat loss is the goal.

But if we don’t provide enough total food for too long, then other mechanisms and systems in our body are going to become affected. 

When these adaptations to dieting start to occur, your rate of fat loss and progress slows down or stops completely.

And usually means you have to pull even more calories (if you can) from your diet or do even more exercise.

If your results have come to a grinding to a halt and you have stuck to a diet for longer than 8 weeks or so, at some point you will need to INCREASE calories again to allow these adaptations to reverse and the endocrine system to recover.

2. You Can Eat More Healthy Food Vs Unhealthy Food

A food diary reveals a LOT about your habits and your food intakes.

And funnily enough when we first start working with clients and have them eat 4 meals per day, they often think that it is too much food.

And it usually is more food but less total calories.

For example, 

Let’s say that your average intake of food including ‘junk foods’ is 3000kcal.

This might be;

BF- Fried English Breakfast

L – Sandwich and Fruit

D – Burger and Chips 

2x Beers or 2x Glasses of Wine

(i’ve seen a lot MORE than this when first working with a client many times)

Compare those 3000kcal to the amount of food that 2000kcal of healthy food would provide;

BF – Scrambled Eggs On Granary Toast

L – Cajun Chicken Salad

D – Salmon and Roasted Meditteranean Vegetables

Sn – Low Fat Greek Yoghurt and Fruit

Sn – Protein Shake.

There is more food on a healthier diet but less calories.

So of course….

Eating healthier, nutrient packed foods can actually help you eat more total food whilst losing weight and tonight up.


3. You Can Push Harder In The Gym And Produce
Better And Faster Results

When you train you’re using two types of fuel.

Fuel #1 – nutrients provided from the diet

Fuel #2 – nutrients stored within muscle and fat cells.

It’s the muscle cells that we are interested in here.

You see,

In the muscle cells we have a capacity to store carbohydrate as fuel in the form glycogen. When glycogen levels are adequate, the body will call upon them to be broken down into glucose to be used as energy.

When these glycogen levels are constantly depleted, the body isn’t able to produce the same workout capacity that it can when these levels are topped up or full.

If the training effect of your workouts becomes so small because you’re tired, weak and unable to push heavier weights, complete more reps or sets then the body will not reach overload and will not come back stronger / adapted the next time you repeat the workout.

When calories are adequate and you’re able to fuel your workouts better through consuming more food, the opposite generally occurs.

You have more stored fuel available, you tend to be able to push hard and go heavier in the gym and you see faster results!

By eating more of the right stuff, you’ll be able to add more volume or intensity to those training sessions and start seeing faster results.

So to recap….

more food = better exercise, sleep, energy and mood = quicker improvements in the gym = faster fat loss results.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

It worked for these clients!

Speak Soon,


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