3 crucial elements of losing fat

Losing weight has become a little more complicated than it
ever needs to be

With the emergence of various diets and weight loss plans all giving you

conflicting and confusing information about how to eat to lose weight.

I mean think about it,

You’ve got;


The Cambridge Diet

The Zone diet

Eat For your blood type diet

The Atkins Diet

The Paleo Diet

Carbohydrate Cycling Diets

Fat Loading Diets

Ketogenic Diets

The Macrobiotic Diet

and i could throw into the mix any celebrity endorsed plan and product too.

Each diet promising to help you shed the pounds fast and reveal a toned body that you’ve never had before.

But to be honest there are only really THREE crucial element
of losing fat and because right now, you’re in information overload
and not sure what you should or shouldn’t be doing

These three things are definately not in your sights

But they need to be if you want to lose blubber, bubba

Because you see.

The only things that you REALLY need to be aware of when it comes to losing
weight are;




That’s it.

and what about protein i hear you ask?

Well, yes that too but not as much as the first three.

Because protein is like Tequila in Mexico, it’s needed in abundance to satisfy the natives and won’t
have such a huge impact on stopping you lose weight as long as your protein
sources are relatively lean.

So why just calories, carb and fats?

Well because you see that fat on your thighs?

That cellulite on your butt?

and the overhang of flab on your hips?

Well these areas carry more FAT STORAGE switches than they do fat loss switches

nine times as many to be precise.

And if you calories, carbs or fats are too high, guess what?

Ding, ding, ding

The fat storage switch (Alpha 2 Adrenoreceptors) turns ON and you struggle to change shape and lose weight.

In fact, these three things are SO crucial that you can even forget about gluten, wheat,
acidity, interval training, cleanses, weight lifting and any other thing that is supposed
to help you lose weight

Because if your calories, carbs and fats are too high then it doesn’t really matter what else
you do because it’s not going to work

and so those three things are what you really need to focus

on if you want to lose weight.

And it just so happens that i’ve found the PERFECT mix of calories, carbs and fats that mean you lose
fat fairly quickly but do it in a way without having to count a single calorie, weigh your food or deal
with ravenous food cravings

Which is funny, because in my Rapid Fat Loss Guide for Women i give you the exact nutritional plan you need to follow

if you want to lose weight successfully without having to follow any faddy diet.


Yours in Health,


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