The 10 Nutritional Mistakes you’re making right now

But could avoid completely if you took a light
saber to everything you’ve every thought about food


It’s true, food plays a MASSSSSSIVE role in your ability
to lose fat

But what you’re been told to eat and how to eat it for the
most part is wrong

So like the knight riding in on his trusty steed, here are
the first five of the 10 nutritional mistakes you’re making
right now that are stopping you from losing the blubber

1. You’ve been told calories don’t count as long as you’re
eating high fat / low carb

Sure, higher fat and lower carb for some people can definitely

Especially if you were just eating everything and anything before hand
but calories do still count amigo

and just when you’ve forgot about them following the latest fad, they
stick their head through the hole in the door and scream

Here’s Johnny! as your weight loss stalls and inevitably frustration sets

Everything will work, but only upto a point. The something HAS to change for
it all to kick start again.

Total calories still
matter no matter what diet you’re following.


delicious points

2. You only ever take calories away from your diet but never
add them in

It’s so true!

If you’re only ever taking calories away from your body, what do you
think it will run off?

Eventually your smarter than you think body starts to regulate energy
expenditure, thus making losing fat very difficult indeed.

Thermic Effect Of Food

Energy Expenditure At Rest

Energy Expenditure During Exercise

and Basal Metabolic Rate will all start to drop, thus slowing down your ability to burn fuel and lose body fat.

So periodically raising calories is a good idea to prevent this from happening.

3. You’re not eating enough fibre

Yup, kinda important is fibre.

Keeps you fuller for longer and actually helps fat loss. But where do you
get a large amount of fibre?

Those carbs you just took out of your diet
because Gweneth Paltrow said so.

Fibre is pretty important for making the digestive system work, especially the part that means you have a bowel movement and keep everything flowing!

4. You still think of food as either good or bad

Sure, junk food is junk food.

There’s no denying that.

But the last time i checked, you were human and so that does mean
at some point you’re going to eat food that isn’t always the healthiest
for you.

Problem is, because you view it as either good or bad, HOW MUCH of it
you eat depends wildly on your mindset.

So when you’re off track, you’re WAY off.

and then when you’re eating healthily, nothing proccessed, fatty or sugary
passes your lips until the next time you’re way off again.

The smart money is on including BOTH as part of a long term weight loss



5. You’ve been taught to clean the plate

Don’t you dare get up until you’ve cleaned your plate.

Eat all your food or you won’t get pudding.

You’re not leaving this table until you’ve eaten it all.

Some things ARE ingrained into us from being young and this is
definitely one (at least it was for me!)

We will eat not because we’re hungry anymore or have had enough,
we will eat based on how we’ve been brought up.

Still to this day i hate to see food go to waste and have to stop
myself cleaning everyone elses left overs if i am trying to lose
body fat.

So you see, somethings you do that you ARE aware of and others just
sorta happen until you realise the mistake you’ve made

and that’s why we make our diet plans easy to follow for our clients
with CLEAR guidelines on what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat
it that pretty much avoid the first five mistakes we’ve just discussed.

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