The 10 Nutritional Mistakes you’re making right now [Part 2]


Next five.

6. You overeat healthy food

You know ALL food contains calories right? and yes healthy
food should make up most of your diet, that goes without

but you can STILL struggle to lose weight from eating healthy
food *IF* your total calories aren’t low enough.

So no you shouldn’t lather your salmon in macadamia oil with a
side of avocados and wild rice, washed down with a super food
smoothie if you don’t know how much you’re actually eating or
if you’ve created an energy deficit come the end of the week.

7. You believe that carbs are evil and make you fat

This is and probably always will be HUGE.

Carbs and insulin make you fat.

Well so does eating lard.

It’s the same kind of argument.

What gives?

Context people, context.



Too many carbs you won’t lose fat,
too little carbs and you’ll have the energy levels of sloth
and will still struggle to lose fat.

Carbs aren’t the devil but like anything, you need to know
how much YOU can get away with and still improve your shape.

8. You don’t listen to your body

Constantly hungry?

struggle with food cravings?

have no energy?

Not going to the toilet to pass a number 2?

Always sore from the gym?

Your body is telling you something here, and you’re not picking up.

Nutrition is a fluid game that changes depending on how you feel and
how you’re responding. I make changes to each of my clients, carbs, fats,
proteins and calories depending on what feedback they’re giving me.

You need to do the same too.

9. You never prep your food

Meal prep

Forget the boxes and boxes of tupperware with days worth of food all
planned and prepped for the week ahead.

You don’t have to do that but you do have to at least prep your food
for the day ahead. Otherwise how do you know you’re gonna stay on track
when a starbucks double chocolate muffin is calling out your name and
you’re starving from breakfast.

In this day and age, virtually all food on the go is going to contain more
calories than you think i’m afraid, that i cannot save you from unless i turn
into one of these food vigilantes, hanging from government buildings, in some
make shift superhero outfit, to reduce
the amount of sugar, fat and hidden ingredients in your food.

and i ain’t about to do that.

So prep your food you plum, It’s simple and is essential for removing fat from
your hips, butt, belly… well everywhere.

10. You forget to count the calories you cook in

A pan full of butter or oils.

Yep, loads of calories!

and please tell me you don’t use a deep fat fryer for Christ’s sake.

Calories that you cook in will still bump until your total calories
pretty rapidly and prevent you from losing blubber.

So there you go and this concludes our little tête-à-tête,

Which as you know from our previous conversations, 80% of your
results will come from 20% of your efforts

So if changing these things mean better results for little

There’s food for thought.

Speak Soon,


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