10 Fatloss Myths That Never Go Away

For decades these myths have made their
way into fat loss folklore

Becoming the gospel truth without ever really being

when the truth is that they’re a load of baloney and
might be holding you back from achieving your own
body transformation if you’re believing them.

But fear not,

As ever, your friendly neighbour hood trainer is on
hand to share them with you so that you don’t follow
something based on hearsay as appose to what works;

1. Fruit makes you fat

2. Carbs make you fat

3. Cardio is the best way to lose fat

4. Ab exercises burn fat from your stomach

5. Weights make you ‘bulky’


6. You can’t drink alcohol if you want to lose fat

7. Calories aren’t important, hormones are

8. Everything you eat must be organic

9. You have to lose fat fast

10. You can’t eat out when trying to lose fat

To be fair,

I could have probably wrote 100
of these and might even do that when i have the time!

So whatever you’re doing today, take these on board,
do the opposite and play the long game for sustainable
fat loss without confusion.


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Chris Mason