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Your Free Legs Workout – Try It If You Dare ;)

Now, usually I would start a leg training session with some posterior chain work first, but the aim of this particular session is to target the quadriceps (front of the leg) before we move onto hitting the hamstrings later on in the session.


The beauty of this session is that you can perform it in any regular gym and if done properly, you’re probably going to me cursing me for a few days going up and down stairs J

Exercise Sets and Reps Rest Tempo
A.    Leg Extensions (contract hard in the top position) 3x 10 60s 3010
B.    Barbell Back Squats (2 warm up sets at 15 reps, then 12 reps before 4 working sets) 4x 8 90s 4010
C.    HE Bulgarian Split Squat (constant tension) 3×12 45s 3010
D.    Heels Elevated DB Squats

(Drop set final set into failure body weight squats, 10s rest then go again to failure)

2x 15 – 20 45s 3010
E.     Leg Curls (Triple Drop Set Final Set) 4x 10 60s 3110
F.     Seated Calf Extensions (Drop Set Final Set into Standing Calf Raises to Failure) 3x 15 – 20 60s 2010

Give it a go, hit it hard and stick to the rest periods set.


In terms of the overall training overview, I might place this type of workout in a phase three plan for a client where the training split could be in the format of a push / pull / legs split or in a traditional body part split.


Working with our clients, we know EXACTLY how to get results and where certain exercise systems need to go as part of their overall training cycles, this is to me what good personal training is all about and can lead to results like this;


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