Our Personal Training Services ARe unlike any other and are 100% based on your results

The truth is that virtually anyone can qualify as a personal trainer these days, which by definition makes you think that each personal trainer is delivering the same level of knowledge, expertise and results.

They aren't. 

Achieving high level transformations with real people who have jobs, families, businesses and a myriad of other commitments in their lives is hard work and requires much more than simply being told to eat less and go to the gym more.

Afterall, if you're reading this it is highly likely that you've tried that without getting the results you wanted!

Honestly? After being involved in 100's of client transformations over the last 10 years, it requires a committed, dedicated and highly skilled coach to be able to deliver amazing results for life.

That is what you will find from my coaches at CMP and is the platform i will offer you at my CMP personal training gyms.

Sheffield's Leading Private Personal Training GYm

Not only will you be trained by one of my transformation coaches, you will be training in a top class private facility.

I've invested heavily into ensuring you have the very best environment to achieve the very best results.

This means;

  • check
    No waiting around for equipment, a bench or even space in the gym to exercise properly. 
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    Never, ever wasting a gym session or resigning yourself to running on the treadmill for half an hour just because you couldn't get to do what you really needed to do.
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    No feelings of being judged or 'looked at' if you're not 100% comfortable in your body right now.
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    Access to top class equipment that you don't see in regular gyms.
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    Focused and dedicated training sessions with your transformation coach based around maximizing your time and results from the gym.

Our Personal Training Programs

  • The CMP TRansformation Program
  • Guided Results Program

- Same expectation of results but more to be done by you alone.

- 2 sessions per week here with your allocated coach per monthly training block plus 3 sessions completed by you in your gym following our programs. Minimum 12 weeks commitment.

- A taster of the type of results achieved from our body transformation full program.

- Tailored training and nutritional plans to follow alongside your coaching sessions.

- Body Fat Assessments every six weeks per completed block to ensure your body is changing and you're starting to see the results you would like.

- An ability to continue working with us on this program or a chance to upgrade to full body transformation program whenever you like.

It all starts with your aPPLICATION

With the number of personal trainers and gyms around these days, you may think it odd of us to ask you to apply to join one of our programs.

And it's true, you will be able to find a less skilled, less experienced and less able to deliver results service elsewhere for much less than you would be able to join our results based transformation program.

But i'm not interested in delivering less and if you're serious about results, you will want the best chance of achieving the results you'd always wanted, sustainably and in minimal time so that you can enjoy life full of confidence, vibrancy and happiness without ever have to waste gym sessions or following faddy diets ever again.

And so if that sounds like you, feel free to apply and tell us more about your goals and WHY you want to achieve them and we'll be in touch to arrange a complimentary consultation at one of our private gyms to see how we can help you achieve your very own transformation!

Are You Ready For Results?

Here are just a few more of the 100's of transformations we've achieved with our personal training clients.

​I have 100's of transformations on file and could show you more, but i think you get the idea!

Life Changing Results

A truly excellent private training facility! Chris Mason Performance isn't like your ordinary commercial gym - here, the dedicated team tailor your individual training needs, nutritional requirements and personal goals to exactly what you need to be successful! You will be pushed, stretched and challenged every step of the way to meet your goals, with expert training guidance and a personalised food plan which is easy to follow. Chris and the team teach you how to rethink your eating habits, go 'clean eating' with no 'fad diets', no 'quick fix' pills or shakes for sustainable fat loss for health and well being - Size 20 to size 12, 'healthier' now than I was 15 year ago! Love it! 🙂

CMP Client Debbie 

Personal training doesn't get any better than this. Everyone has their unique reason for walking through the door.... wanting to change shape, lose weight, get fitter, stronger, leaner, feel better about themselves. My own reason was to build up confidence to get fit and lose fat after injuries, having a baby and having a job that sent me travelling at short notice and working long hours. Chris and Matt give advice on managing these challenges we all face and give advice that is specific to you. Most importantly the training sessions give amazing results and you have a whole private gym full of top notch equipment all to yourself. Highly recommend and wouldn't even think about going anywhere else!

CMP Client Emma 
IT Manager

I had followed Chris on Facebook for a while but as I had an impending hip replacement due I wasn't in any position to sign up with him. After I had my operation I signed up to a mainstream gym just doing cardio and the odd weights not really any direction in my training. So I approached Chris explained my situation. I was impressed with his knowledge and how confident he made me feel about training after such a big operation. I have lost body fat, gained muscle and I am the fittest I have ever been in my adult life. In my opinion the best investment I have made. And now have a sound base to continue my training as the training program he sets and nutrition are sustainable no fancy diets or starving. In fact I eat more now than I did before.

CMP Client Neil 
Business Owner

The speed of your transformation will depend on the package you choose and the frequency that you work with us which we will discuss when we meet you at our private gym here in Sheffield.

Apply on the link below and we'll be in touch with you to invite you to our facility for a consultation session to begin your own body transformation.