What is Oxaloacetate and Why Is It Important?

Oxa a lo what?!


You heard me right.

So why is this funny sounding thing relevant to you trying to slim down
enough to throw away your spanx?


Cuz of those pesky carbs again.

You see…

Yesterday i told you what carbohydrates do in the body, and why going
zero carb may be a bad idea even if you’re trying to lose weight, feel attractive
and drop a dress size

And we discovered one of the important things that carbs do is that they help us
create energy.

Well here is anothing thing that we need carbs for.


Now, without putting on my lab coat and trying to confuse the heck out of you, what
you need to know about this compound is that it is involved in the process of creating
the energy that you need for daily life, work and your gym sessions.

And it just so happens to be a by product of carbohydrate metabolism.

So when you do go from eating pasta, pizza, cereals, potatoes, rice, bread and so

to then following the latest ultra low carb diet, you’re going to feel like the walking dead
for a while as this important compound isn’t available for us to create energy from.

Ever noticed that?

You drop carbs only to then feel sluggish, more tired and lack motivation to exercise?

own energy

So then you bump your carbs back up and start feeling normal again,

only to see that you’ve put weight on, start FREAKING out and start looking for another
diet to follow that will help you lose weight?

Yup, it’s like some sick merry go round ride that you can’t get off.

And worryingly, you might spend the whole of your life doing this to try and lose weight.

But fear not,

There’s something interesting about the oxalo ace thingy.

After a period of around 7 – 14 days of lower carb intake,
we start to breakdown stored fat instead to be able to create it.

So we’re literally converting that stuff that hangs on your belly and making energy out of it.

(But only if our total calories are lower and fats aren’t too high to boot)

This is called fat adaptation.

Pretty cool right?

This is how you might thrive on high carbs / lower fats or might thrive on lower carbs / higher fats,
depending on what i find when i work with you.

Yup, oxaloacetate.


Speak Soon,


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