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What Happened To Paul?

Now, before i show you the next set of amazing CMP client body transformation

result, i’ve got to add a little disclaimer (cuz headmaster google says so 😉


DISCLAIMER – The results that you achieve will completely depend on your current health, fitness and starting point.

Hey, just being honest :)​


SO, onto those results


Paul was an avid runner, often clocking a boat load of km’s under his belt

each and every week.


Which is why he was getting, well shall we say a little more than frustrated

that despite all the running and exercise he was doing


He still struggled to lose weight, lose fat and see any definition in his body.


Combine this with a responsible and busy job that could have him in the office

till late or eating on the go, Paul felt that he had to do something to change in

order to be happy with his body.


Coupled with the fact that he was a complete beginner to weight training,

Paul knew he had a battle on his hands to take control of his body.


Our first assessment together revealed that Paul’s body fat was around 22%

with most of his fat being stored right on the abdomen hips and lower back

– a problem area for most dudes looking to change their shape.


We set out with our baseline nutritional plan which you can find in our

START program for just £47 here;


With the goal to stabilise blood sugar, provide more nutrients to build muscle,

improve energy and also drop those annoying food cravings that having you

reaching for the chocolate digestives with your afternoon coffee or even worse

that 400kcal muffin with your Starbucks latté.


As Paul starting dropping fat fast, i upped his calories repeatedly in order to keep

him getting stronger in the gym and recovering faster whilst building on his

ability to handle more calories.


We also move through various phases of structured weight training routines

starting with a wholebody approach and then moving into a split style that

would allow Paul to advance as he became more accustomed to hard training.


Here are Paul’s incredible transformation results! Well done Paul!


Photo Collage Maker_UceE3v Photo Collage Maker_VwtcTo


As ever, if you’re interested in achieving something special yourself, you can apply for our exclusive body transformation

program here;


Chris Mason