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They Tried To Sell Me Drugs


When you decide to join a gym
or hire a coach

You kinda hope that they have your
best interests and health at heart,

I mean, you’re reliant upon getting
the right advice to not only be able
to lose fat

But to lose fat and change your shape

So i was kinda shocked to hear a worrying
story from one of my clients about the
‘expert advice’ she was given right here
in Sheffield

You see..

She was sold something that would boost her
fat loss results by her gym and the fitpros
that worked there

and quite frankly was also told that she wouldn’t
be able to lose as much weight if she didn’t take

… this my friends is why you need to do your
research before you put your hard earned cash
and health with a fitness ‘professional’


So what was she sold?

A popular but now banned stack of drugs known as
an ECA stack.

ECA stacks were VERY popular in the 80’s and 90’s
amongst bodybuilders and fitness athletes alike

which ended up filtering down to the general public

But it became illegal to posses and supply based on
the fact that the ECA stack had dire consequences

The ECA stack was shown to heavily increase the risk of
psychiatric symptoms, chances of heart attack and heart disease
as well as increasing your risk of strokes

But hey, you’ll lose weight in the short term right.

The worrying trend is that it’s becoming more and
more common for people to recommend drugs just to
help someone lose weight.

But not here amigo.

My bag is helping you lose weight for the long term in a safe
and sustainable way through good ole nutrition and exercise.

and you end up with just as good if not better results without
taking any drugs or risking your health.

Be careful who you trust with your body.

Apply here for our body transformation coaching that is 100%
risk free;

Speak Soon,


Chris Mason