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Something’s Got To Give

In this day and age EVERYONE wants amazing weight loss results


and they want them fast.


We live in a society driven by instant gratification and just the thought of losing 2 stones in a month is enough for people to turn to liquid only diets that wreck the metabolism and gut health, people turning to medications that stop your body absorbing fat and effectively having to wear a nappy in case of any ‘leakage’ and people even spending thousands on cosmetic and weight loss surgeries.


Now, if you’re reading this article, the chances are that you’re a normal person, with a family, busy life and want to learn how to get into shape LONG TERM.


Something has got to give.


We’ve got to change our thinking.


We’ve got to bring more to the table than just an empty plate each time we’re trying to lose weight.


I’ve been fortunate to learn from some of the brightest minds in the world when it comes to health and fitness (Dr Layne Norton, Dr Bryan Walsh, Ben Pakulshi, Brad Schoenfeld, Phil Learney to name just a few) and this means that when it comes to transforming your body and delivering you amazing results i’ve invested a LOT of money, time and effort learning to be the best.


This is my commitment to you. It has taken money that i didn’t have, it has taken me to places i didn’t really want to go and it has pushed me to become better everyday.


To be able to guide you and build your knowledge so that you aren’t constantly scammed by this quick fix approaches that simply don’t work long term or teach you anything about how to THRIVE when it comes to how you function.


And know that little emotional speech is over, i will let you in on a little secret.


The approach behind our body transformations isn’t one that is extreme.


I’m not going to ask you to live in a gym 24 / 7 by training 7 days per week and sometimes twice per day in your quest to lose some blubber and i am not going to ask you to stick to a zero carbohydrate diet and weigh every morsel of your food that enters your mouth. (unless you are a physique athlete)


But i am going to ask for something.




The cold and hard facts are that we do live in a quick fix world. But the problems you have with your body and the areas that you want to change just aren’t going to change that fast.


For example,


Lets say you have 20+ years of yo yo dieting behind you. Swinging from one extreme of being on a crazy unsustainable diet to then being fully off your diet and gorging on whatever food is in front of you. Do you think i am going to change that in a matter of weeks?


When you’re a complete beginner and simply balancing when performing a lunge is hard enough but you want to be super toned and slim. Do you think you’re going to have to get better at exercise before you can train hard enough to the level that will change your body?


Lets say that you constantly sabotage your efforts everytime you have a shit day at work, using food and booze as a comforting tool. Do you think i am going to be able to change this and change your body in a matter of weeks?


Of course, i could go on and give you more examples but you know the answer is no.


I’m not a magician who can pull a rabbit out of his ass and you’re going to have to put the work in.




I am not going to teach you anything by feeding into the mistakes that you’ve already made or are continuing to make, i am only going to help you get results by trying to help you move away from these things.


And that takes time and willpower.


You see,


The easiest thing for me to help you get results is my knowledge. Without a doubt.


You’ve seen our transformations


I can confidently say that i have the skills to be able to help you lose fat fast eating four or more meals per day and doing less than four hours exercise per week. How do i know? I have built this business on achieving amazing results in this way and helping you lose fat and build muscle is the easy part for me.


But when it comes to personal training?


The hardest part is your end of the bargain.


It is you and your willingness to change and put the work in.


Only you can decide how much you want it.


How much you’re going to give.


Cos’ what you’re doing right now isn’t bringing you the changes in your body that you want and it isn’t making you happy.


The best clients are and will always be those who want to change more than they want to stay the same.


The ones who are prepared to put the work in for THEIR results.


They realise that in order to get what you want.


Something’s got to give.


and when it does, that’s when you’ll be successful.




Chris Mason