From a size 20 to a size 12 - Chris Mason Performance

From a size 20 to a size 12



Pretty phenomenal results, huh?


Here is what Debbie has to say about her experience working with us here at CMP with her coach Matt;


‘A truly excellent private training facility! Chris Mason Performance isn’t like your ordinary commercial gym – here, the dedicated team tailor your individual training needs, nutritional requirements and personal goals to exactly what you need to be successful!


You will be pushed, stretched and challenged every step of the way to meet your goals, with expert training guidance and a personalised food plan which is easy to follow.


Chris and the team teach you how to rethink your eating habits, go ‘clean eating’ with no ‘fad diets’, no ‘quick fix’ pills or shakes for sustainable fat loss for health and wellbeing – Size 20 to size 12, ‘healthier’ now than I was 15 year ago! Love it! :-)’


So yeah,


As Debbie says, if you’re looking for sustainable fat loss results, we’re you’re guys.


Apply for our body transformation coaching here;



The results that you achieve will completely depend on your current health, fitness and starting point.


Hey, just being honest 🙂

Chris Mason