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Sheffield Fireman Extinguishes Fat

Blood sugar management is certainly a huge issue when it comes to your ability to lose body and transform your shape. But it’s even more challenging if you happen to be diabetic and have constantly think about the impact of the food you eat on your health.

I say this because this next transformation, Matt happens to be type 1 diabetic which means his blood glucose and insulin levels MUST be regulated daily.

Which also means what he eats daily has the ability to make or break not just his goals but also his health.

If you’re a diabetic yourself you’ll appreciate how hard it is to lose weight or body fat, never mind achieve the type of results that Matt has ….

So here are Matt’s stats from his initial 12 week transformation with us (like many of our clients, Matt continued to work with us to improve and maintain the results he achieved)

Week 1 – 110.5kg

Week 12 – 103.3kg




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