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Ruth Turns Back The Clock, Losing 21lbs and THREE Dress Sizes At 60

How did you feel about your health, body and fitness before working with us? What struggles did you have?

I had slowly been putting on weight without really realising it!

My clothes were feeling tighter, not fitting properly I kept trying to make excuses the dryer had shrunk them!

I kept telling myself that the fit wasn’t right anymore, that we all change body shape as we get older but all the time I knew this wasn’t true and really what i had done was indulged in chocolate and cakes as a comfort resulting in a viscous cycle of feeling really bad about how I looked.

My fitness levels were suffering I noticed that I struggled walking up hill despite the fact I was doing vinyassa yoga several times a week and regular walking with my dog.  I regarded myself as quite an active person but clearly I wasn’t.

In March this year I turned 60 but really struggled to fit into any of my clothes for my Birthday celebrations and when I saw the photos of myself I was completely horrified and knew i had to make a change.

That photo made me face reality and accept I needed to sort myself out in order to feel better about myself.

You’ve lost and amazing 21lbs and dropped from a size 16 to a 10 in just 20 weeks all whilst juggling frequent travel between here and Brighton. What has being in better shape meant to you?

Since training with Chris I have lost a huge amount of weight and even better body fat in what I regard as a short period of time.

I now feel full of energy and i sleep a LOT better too!

I’m more alert and the best thing for me is that all my cravings for sweet things has gone.

I now feel fitter and younger confident to go swimming knowing I look good for my age and perhaps the best part is that I have received lots of compliments from friends and family!

Overall it has been a massive boost to my self confidence and I no longer cringe when I look in the mirror.

What would you say to others who are similar age who are accepting the dreaded ‘decline’ as we all age?

I would say don’t accept it!

Especially when you don’t have to if you change your eating and exercise habits. Clearly as you get older the process can be slower but I feel that if i can achieve these results in just 20 weeks then anybody can! My progress so far has been amazing, I feel really proud of what I have achieved up to this point and with all the positive encouragement it’s spurred me on even more!


It is not inevitable that we develop middle age spread and double chins I firmly believe that if I can achieve these results at 60 anyone can, I definitely will never go back to how I was.

What maybe surprised you the most about your transformation?

The thing that surprised me most about my transformation was the speed in which it happened , and actually how easy the food plan has been.

The food plan wasn’t restrictive, which i thought it might have been.

At no point have I struggled or felt hungry, it’s been a vast improvement on what i was doing before that’s for sure!

Do you feel like to have more knowledge when it comes to nutrition and exercise now that you’ve completed the program?

Definitely! I feel the biggest thing i have now is clarity and knowing what to do that suits me.

The knowledge about nutrition and exercise Chris equips you with is everything you need and he is always there to offer support, advice and encouragement .

In no way do I feel I have had to deprive myself of the occasional treat as I now realise its all a balance. Chris has shown me that there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, which means I feel confident now to control my diet and make the right choices about foods so that i don’t put that weight back on again!

What would you say to something thinking about joining our program?

For anyone thinking of joining this program the only thing i can say is do it today!

Its a decision you will never regret and yes it is hard work and requires commitment but the results you achieve make it well worth it.

Throughout the last 20 weeks I have faced many challenges such as a sick elderly mother to care for, a new grandchild and a badly sprained ankle whilst walking the dog of all things.

But all of which I have dealt with and continued to follow Chris’s program. I know that we all have busy lives which throw up different issues but had these things happened in the past there is no way i would have still made the progress that i have with the support of Chris and the team.

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