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The Resolution Is Strong With This One


New Year, New You?

Gotta be the obvious way to open up a New Year
based email right?

Well wrong.

Cuz here is the thing,

It COULD be a new year and a new you but chances are
it won’t be

and i gots the facts to prove it amigo.

according to research done at the University of Scranton,
just 8% of people succeed in achieving their resolutions.

Or, to put it another way, 92% of people fail

And to be fair,

Most of this happens in the first SIX weeks

If you manage to last that long.

To be honest with you, if i had a pound for the number
of people who’ve inquired over the years and proceeded
to change nothing

or not been prepared to challenge THEIR problems

and achieve nothing, i’d be £625,489 (exact figure)
better off

It seems old habits are hard to break and they’re even
harder to break if you don’t want it BAD ENOUGH

you see…

Joining a gym, following a diet, hiring a trainer all
require one common denominator to be successful


Results aren’t gonna happen via osmosis chico

and if the PAIN of how you look and how you feel
isn’t great enough for you to change,

you simply won’t.

But for those who DO want to change but can’t seem
to find a way through

losing weight can for some people feel like an uphill


Forgive me for pissing on your bonfire amigo but if you’re
relying on the turn of a new year to change your habits
and bring the results that you want to the table, 92%
says your gonna fail.

=== it comes down to is this ===

If you want to lose weight, tone up and regain your body
confidence you’ve got to take action and start

or at least know how to.

without taking action, you’re already telling me that you’re
prepared for another year of wandering in circles

and if you’re cool with that, then fine.

But for some people, they want to be a part of the 8% who
are winners in the battle of the bulge

and those are exactly the type of people that i want on the unstoppable
event so that they can accelerate past all the resolution
makers that never see it through

Secure your slot on the event now before the price goes up
in two days;

Speak Soon,


Chris Mason