Maybe The Next Size Up - Chris Mason Performance

Maybe The Next Size Up

To be fair to the lady at least she was
honest with her customer

I mean, she could have lied to make a sale
but didn’t….

I was recently out shopping with the wife
and you know had to do that annoying thing
that every husband does whilst you’re waiting
for a changing room.

Hanging around the outside whilst the boss tried
on her new dress

I felt sorry for the woman but the facts were there
in front of her piercing her heart and self confidence;

She’d gone up a size and was devasted

and even though she tried to squeeze into the size
she clearly was before and was embarrassed about it.

Sounds familiar?

Now obviously if gaining fat and having to buy the next
size up is bothering you like it bothers our unlucky
friend here

There is a solution;

Step number 1 is that obviously you’ve gotta exercise.
I mean it’s a given right.

And you know i’ve already outlined this to you in the
START program you could have bought earlier this year

(that you will get for free at my event)

Step number 2 is that you’ve gotta eat right. No diets,
no dramas just good whole food

that has you full of energy,

sleeping great,

less moody

and dropping weight.

Step number 3 is that you’ve gotta keep score

If you can track it, you can achieve it

To lose that fat you’ve just gained and to get back
into the dress size that makes you feel comfortable
but also attractive and confident we’ve gotta know
how to get there.

How do you think i helped Riann lose 26lbs and 2 dress sizes
in 90 days

Nutition was simple,

Exercise was simple

But we tracked everything and ensured we were on point
and not distracted by quick fix interruptions or a diet
that was set up to fail you long term cuz all you felt
was restricted.

To see how to make losing weight almost failure proof,
go to;


Speak Soon,


Chris Mason