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I Lost 32lbs But Hated This One Thing

I don’t know if you recall,

But last year, myself and my team set ourselves our
own 12 week challenge to get into photoshoot shape
with top fitness photographer, Chris Bailey.

If you saw the before and after photos of us all
i am pretty sure that you would have been blown away

But in those photos are quite a few untold stories.

One of which i am going to share with you now.

And it is the darker side of what you don’t see
when someone gets into photo shoot shape.

You see,

Personally i managed to lose 32lbs in 12 weeks for the shoot
which was pretty crazy in itself

But there was one thing that i 100% hated about the whole experience
and have chosen to NEVER subject our clients to


As in,

We had to do twice a day training (cardio and weights)

We had to count EVERY calorie that entered our mouths.

You couldn’t go out to a restaurant in fear of eating more
than you needed.

EVERY body fat assessment was like a life or death moment (giving
how much we were sacrificing for it)

and the moods.

Oh, the moods.

Imagaine three dudes with worst moods that the worst ever case of
PMT known in the human condition.

Sure it was tough but remember that we CHOSE to do it so don’t feel
sorry for us in the slightest.

*Here are the photos from the shoot;


But what kinda made it worse was that this happened to me throughout
the 12 week process.

– I had to fire a trainer for gross misconduct.
– I had to hire another trainer and work twice as hard to replace those
– I tore connective tissue just five weeks into twice a day training
and couldn’t even hold a dumbbell on my left side.
– I was told by the docs not to exercise for six weeks (there were 7 weeks
until the shoot day)
– We lost my Grandfather in law and i sat at the wake with a chicken
salad and a glass of water.

^^^ What an absolute moron

Was it worth it just to get some photos back that looked great but were
totally unsustainable?


and when anyone asks me to do this day about doing a photoshoot i not only
tell them the pros but the cons too so that they can make up their own mind
as to whether it’s worth it for them.

But back to the food stuff.

The more you have to restrict to lose weight, the more screwed up your
relationship with food will be and the more you’ll keep trying to change
your body with quick fix schemes because you think that it will help you
look like the people you see in the mags that are toned and lean.

No quick fix plan can get you into that sort of shape.

It’s sacrifice, dedication and bloody mindedness and quite frankly
shutting yourself off to the world.

Though, luckily for you, you probably aren’t looking to achieve that anyway.

You just want your clothes to fit better, you want less of a muffin top
and more tone to your booty.

All of which can be achieved without a complete restriction approach and
100% sustainability.

Don’t try and sprint a marathon when it comes to fat loss, instead work out a plan

that will be SUSTAINABLE for you.

For your health and sanity,


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