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Liz’s Results In Five Weeks


Today i want to share with you a great result from our semi private group coaching program that’s just finished here at CMP. And to be honest, the attendants on the course kicked some fat loss ass! (which i’m about to share with you)


But first, why did i launch Meltdown?


I did it because i see so many Women (and Men) going to the gym, exercise classes or other group training sessions who aren’t getting results and wanted to add more VALUE to what they did.


Cuz, the thing is, people are putting the effort in but there isn’t enough support and guidance around nutrition and the exercise they do do is more circuits and star jumps. I wanted to offer a more specific, results orientated group program.


I wanted to offer you more than group exercise / classes could but obviously couldn’t offer you the same as our stellar body transformation program which is so unique and tailored to the individual that it’s worth it’s weight (and investment) in gold.


So here is what Meltdown included and what Liz and Rachel did during Meltdown (Rachel went on to lose half a stone too which was awesome!)


  • They trained 2x per week with us in our private gym following the Meltdown principles, being pushed by their coach Lizzie – no waiting around for equipment and no one making them feel uncomfortable.
  • They had set nutritional plans to follow so they finally knew what foods to eat and when to eat them to lose the blubber.
  • They had DAILY support via on-line check ins so that we were with them every step of the way.
  • They had assessments at the start, middle and end so that we could track their progress and tweak anything if needed.
  • They followed set and structured programs to follow in the gym so that they weren’t losing steam through the week before their weekend Meltdown sessions.
  • There was an expectation of RESULTS. No dancing on the spot or mini dumbbells, real training focusing on breaking down and losing FAT.

And here is what it meant to Liz’s body! (and if you want results like these, you can apply to work with us here; )


Liz Mellors Meltdown

Liz Mellors Meltdown Back


*Like Liz said;


‘This program enabled me to lose 3″ off my waist and 3″ off my hips in only 5 weeks,

I lost the fat around my abdomen which has bothered me for years…
The nutrition advice was easy to follow and sustainable, this was the missing information I had been looking for’



The results that you achieve will completely depend on your current health, fitness and starting point.


Hey, just being honest 🙂


Chris Mason