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Getting Back On The Weight Loss Horse

Going to the gym…

Starting a diet…


Goes in fits and starts really doesn’t it?

One minute you’re flying high, eating as well
as you ever have and consistently exercising

Losing weight and toning up gradually as you

then the next you’ve not been to the gym for a
month and are struggling to get back into the
swing of things.

Motivation is a little like a wild horse, huh?

One minute you think you’ve got it under control

and the next it’s bucking around and bolts off

leaving you spending the rest of your time searching
for it to return.

For some people ‘The Drift’ as we call it, can last
for a few weeks

but for others it can last for years

and before you know it, you’re forty and you’re trying
to turn back the clock on all the years you’ve not
been looking after yourself.

If only this motivation thing could be bought, eh?

Well, it sorta can.

You see…

One of my secret weapons in our body transformation program
is a VERY simple form that our clients complete every day
for us

It’s so simple that you often don’t realise it’s true power
when it comes to building THEIR long term results and future
body shape happiness

VERY simple indeed and all i get them to do on this form
amongst other things is remind me of what they want to change
about their body and why?

ended with a statement from them as to why they won’t fail.

Pretty freaking powerful right?

Everyday you end up doing what you said you would and no
longer have to battle with the whole starting again and
trying to get back on the horse bizniz..

Which when you lose is often one of the key reasons that your
not in the shape you want to be yourself

So when i manage to show you amazing fat loss results from people
just like you, just remember that not so long ago, they felt the way you
do now and were either struggling
to get back on the horse

or couldn’t even find the bloody thing, ha ha.

Want to end the;

‘i’ll start again on Monday’

or the ‘i can’t be arsed today’

routine that’s been going on for months and want to
finally beat the belly?

Apply here for our body transformation program here;

Speak Soon,


Chris Mason