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Dumb Ass Diets That Work

Ok dudes,

We’re gonna have a little fun over the
next few days and i was inspired to write
these emails by marketing guru, Ben Settle

So am gonna let you know about some dumbass diets
that strangley work really for losing weight

and believe or not, people have followed in the past


I don’t recommend doing any of these but
you can’t argue that they work

The amphetamine diet

Tiz, true amphetamines DO help you lose weight
without a doubt

and they work tremendously fast is you stop eating
food all together alongside them

You will lose fat faster than ever before

But you’ll also lose your family too

and your job

and will probably suffer some form of
heart issue as the drugs send your heart rate
into overdrive

Now, if you want to keep your family,
your job and your health

with the only ‘buzz’ you’ll feel is that of
amazing result and natural energy

whilst still being able to eat your favourite
foods at the right times

Then i suggest our 1-2-1 coaching services

It won’t work as fast as taking pills all day

But it will be a lot healthier

and safer to follow.

(and sustainable)

You can apply for our ‘done for you’ fat loss
coaching here;


Speak Soon,


Chris Mason