What Could You Achieve From The CMP Transformation Program?

Adam got ripped in 8 weeks following the program

Usman achieved this incredible transformation in just 12 weeks.

Dan lost over 30lbs in 16 weeks losing fat and building muscle!

Ian lost 36lbs in 16 weeks following our program.

Mike got visible abs following the program after just 8 weeks

Neil added significant muscle and lost fat in 12 weeks

Fahmi achieved these spectacular results in just 16 weeks 

Simon lost 28lbs in 90 days on our program

Matt got lean and completed his first ever photoshoot!

Busy dentist Sorabh lost 1/3 of his body fat in 12 weeks.

Haran worked with me on his first ever photoshoot transformation!

Richard lost a lot of belly fat and weight following our program.

Would You Like To See These Type Of Results?

Sarah lost 28lbs and a whole lot of belly fat in just 14 weeks

Lynne changed from a size 12 to a size 8 in just 12 weeks.

Michaela got abs for the first time in her life in 90 days.

After years of struggle, Rachel got into a size 10 for the first time!

 Chaaya lost 57lbs and 5 dress sizes in just 3 years without dieting

R beat sugar cravings and lost THREE dress sizes  in 16 weeks.

Jane lost 20lbs and got back into the shape she was in her 20's!

Michelle lost 30lbs and 3 dress sizes in six months!

Personal Trainer Becky, hired me to help her get into photoshoot shape!

Sabine achieved this amazing result in just 6 weeks on the program

Lisa lost 38lbs and achieved a size 10 for the first time in 15 years following our program!

K literally lost ALL of her belly fat in just 16 weeks following our program!

The CMP Transformation Program

- Our most popular and comprehensive system for serious RESULTS.

- The CMP  Transformation 3 Phase Nutritional plan. You'll progress right through from basic to advanced nutritional strategies that tell you exactly what you eat, how much of it and when so that you're fueling your body right to lose fat, tone up and build muscle.

- The CMP Transformation Program is split into three phases which my coaches will take you through. Each phase of the program is designed to help you lose body fat, increase muscle tone and start to look great!

3 of those sessions will be done here in our private gym and a further 1-2 per week will be done by you in your current gym.

- Support, education and guidance from your allocated trainer who is expecting results in line with our current portfolio, we are not prepared to waste yours or our time not making progress.

- We will take your body fat assessment and photos every two to three weeks. We know what works and we know what you need to do both in the gym and nutritionally.

We will get you results if you follow our program to the letter.

- You will be training in a top class gym that you do NOT share with anyone else but our private clients. We produce better workouts, achieve faster results and you'll never waste a gym session again.

- You will be given the chance to continue working with us after the 12 weeks should you want to push on even further.

So today you have the chance to become one of our success stories by joining our renowned Body Transformation Program.

To join the program today;

Just £1980 (Inc VAT) For The Full Body Transformation Program (3 months)


£660 Monthly Payment Collected By Direct Debit (Minimum 12 weeks Commitment)

Guided Results Program

Expectation of results but more to be done by you alone.

2 sessions per week here with your allocated coach per monthly training block plus 3 sessions completed by you in your gym following our programs. Minimum 12 weeks commitment.

A taster of the type of results achieved from our body transformation full program.

Tailored training and nutritional plans to follow alongside your coaching sessions.

Body Fat Assessments every six weeks per completed block to ensure your body is changing and you're starting to see the results you would like.

An ability to continue working with us on this program or a chance to upgrade to full body transformation program whenever you like.​

£1350 Inc VAT (Full 12 Week Payment)


£450 Per Month Collected By Direct Debit (Min Commitment 12 Weeks)