When Is The Best Time To Eat Junk Food and Not Gain Weight


Let’s be honest with each other here before i start.

I don’t have a magic wand that means you can eat a TONNE of junk food and not gain weight.

Sorry to disappoint you

But  what i can tell you is when will be the best time to have a bit of what you fancy without piling on the pounds if you happen to go off track with your diet for a birthday, an event or certain time of year.

Because unfortunately calories are calories and you cannot out run having fast cake hands.


When is the best time to eat junk food and not gain weight?

Simply put,

Right after you’ve been in the gym, trained hard and pushed yourself out of your comfort zone.

Yes, this requires effort in order for it to work but when you put the effort in, you will also receive the reward.

Here’s The Magic

When you hit the gym and lift weights hard not only will you be burning calories and using stored fuel in the form of muscle glycogen you will also be breaking down muscle fibres and inducing micro trauma (which means the muscle repairs and comes back stronger) a stress response within the muscle and you will also stimulate a whole host of mechanisms within the cell that will promote hypertrophy (the repair and building of existing and new muscle fibres) provided there is enough raw materials being provided to the body.

Not only that, GLUT-4 cell receptors come to the front of the cell to uptake available glucose for either continued performance or replenishment of stored fuel that was lost during your training sessions. These cell receptors are known to stay elevated long after the initial ‘damage’ was done and can elevate the metabolism for 24 – 48 hours after your training session ended.


The Key Driver In All Of This…. Calories!

and in particular proteins and carbohydrates!

So if you did have a date,

A important meeting with a client or prospective new business partner, 

You had a birthday you wanted to celebrate, 

I dunno maybe you just even wanted to work a little of what you fancy into your diet (don’t we all)

Then right after a hard session is where the ‘damage’ will be minimised.


So who said that going to the gym and losing fat had to be an all or nothing affair?

binge eating woman

Complete restriction in a diet  = Unhealthy and yo-yoing behaviours when it comes to food.

So don’t fret, 

and don’t feel like you’ve ‘blown’ your diet just because you ate something off plan once in a while.

These clients certainly didn’t!



Yours in Health,


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