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Beer Monster Loses Two Stones

Here is a nice little progress shot after a 12 week fat loss phase for my client Mitch.

Mitch has a very active social life and he is your typical bloke who likes food, beer and football

– which is not always the best for losing fat!

And sure there has been nights out and a few too many and nutrition hasn’t always been

‘clean’ but these results are sustainable for Mitch and can be more than built upon as we move into our next phase of training.

I suppose it just goes to show that if you approach losing fat with the long term in mind, sometimes you get little short term

rewards along the way!

Well done bud, let’s take it up another notch


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As ever,

If you’re looking for a sustainable way of losing fat without being T Total or having to

count every calorie that you eat, you can apply for our body transformation coaching here;


*DISCLAIMER – The results that you achieve will completely depend on your current health, fitness and starting point.

Hey, just being honest 🙂


Chris Mason