3 Reasons to eat more food to lose weight

When it comes to losing weight, most of you know the drill;

You have to eat less and exercise more.

That we ALL know.

But what happens when your fat loss grinds to a halt and you’re not sure what to do next?

Well, if you’re looking to lose weight and strip down your levels of body fat, today i am going to tell you that to transform your body you are going to start by eating MORE.



Here are just 3 reasons to eat more food to lose
more fat

1. How can you build a metabolism if you’re constantly
crashing it?

Hormones that regulate metabolism and fat loss
such as leptin and thyroid hormones are VERY sensitive to
food intakes and if you’re constantly under eating;

Your body will look to break down muscle tissue, decrease the amount of energy you burn at rest, during exercise and even during sleep when calories are too low.

This can bring your weight loss results grinding to a halt and at some point you will need to INCREASE calories again to kickstart changes to your body.

2. Calories Are Not All Equal

Take 3000kcal of junk vs 2000kcal of healthy food.

One might be a meal of pizza and ice cream whereas the other might be 4 WHOLE meals that are spread throughout the day and keep you full of energy, firing on all cylinders and motivation to nail then gym.

Both provide food.

Both provide calories

But only one is nutrient dense, full of protein, good nutrition and the other doesn’t provide too much in the way of nutrition for your body.

So of course….

Eating healthier, nutrient packed foods can actually help you eat more total food whilst losing weight and tonight up.

binge eating woman

3. You Can Push Harder In The Gym And Produce
Better And Faster Results

The type of exercise that you need to be doing includes weight training, cardio and pushing yourself harder to get better results. If you don’t even work up at least a bit of a sweat from a challenging workout, then it’s probably not going to be enough for the body that you want.


By eating more of the right stuff, you’ll be able to add more volume or intensity to those training sessions and start seeing faster results.

Eating enough food is going to fuel your workouts and fuel your recovery so you need to be eating enough to build / hold on to muscle tissue in order to see your shape change.

You’re not going to do more challenging workouts if you constantly feel tired, under recovered and generally lack motivation to go the gym

and when you do, all you can manage is 20mins on the crosstrainer.

That isn’t an effective fat loss training session and it ain’t gonna get you the body you want.

So to recap….

more food =

better exercise, sleep, energy and mood =

quicker improvements in the gym =

fat loss results,


Truth is though,

You’re probably a little scared to eat more, specially as you’ve had it drummed into
you that you need to eat less to lose weight

Which is kind of ass backwards if you want real results like the ones that i
share with you. Like serious body transformation results.


So take your time, workout how your body is responding but please don’t keep thinking all you have to do is eat as little as possible to get your dream body, because nine times out of ten you’ll just be tired, hungry and end up bingeing on junk food

to compensate at some point in the future.


Take care of your body and it will take care of you

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Chris Mason