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15 Things I Learnt In 2015

It wouldn’t be right to start a
New Year without sharing with you what
i learnt in 2015 now would it.

As you know, i invest ££££’s per year
learning from the worls best in nutrition,
training, mindset, transformations, body building
and so on.

What this helps me do year on year is enhance the type of
service that we’re able to offer you lovely lot

But ennnnnnough about me,

You’re here cuz you wanna know i can help YOU.

So what did i learn in 2015?

1. If you don’t know WHY you want what you say you
want, you’ll prolly fail

2. People that do know why they want what they want
are more commited and more likely to do the work

(and get way better results)

3. Zero fat or Zero carb diets will more than likely
mess you up

4. 80% of people in the UK make the same mistakes when
it comes to diet and exercise

5. The foundation diet we put together for our clients,
remedies those 80% of nutrition and exercise based mistakes

6. You can’t mobilise fat without acute stress hormones

7. You will store more fat if stress hormones are chronically
high and you have shit sleep

8. Gut flora and gut health is probably the one thing you’re
not looking at right now, but need to

9. The structure of your weight training routine is more important
than most people think when trying to get results

(E.g. exercise selection, shortening / lengthening of muscles, load, tempos)

10. With the right coaching and mindset tools ANYBODY can achieve great results
in just 90 days

11. That being said, you will always be limited by your genetics, current health,
current body fat but more importantly your own bad habits and doubt more than you
will be limited by anything else

12. Believing you can do it and being held accountable is the FASTEST way to change
shape (diet and exercise become simple when you have this)

13. Women have 9 times as many fat storage receptors than Men and are found in the hips
/ thighs / bum whereas Men have more fat storage receptors on their abdomen and lower back

14. Cardio ISN’T the best way to burn fat (ok i knew that one a long time ago but it is worth
pointing it out again)

15. People want MORE than just a gym. They want results, guidance, service and looking after.
People are getting fed up of being just another number and not feeling important.

16. (Bonus) – you can’t trick your body into changing shape no matter how extreme you go.
Your body has internal ‘safety mechanisms’ that mean any ass backwards plan you follow to lose
fat that can’t be maintained? You’re gonna regain MOST if not all of the weight you lose.

17. (Bonus) – NEVER attempt to diet over Christmas for a photoshoot unless you want to turn
into a sugar craving, moody ass. There is more to life 🙂

So there you go.

Obviously i could have made this list HUMUOUNGOUS if i wanted to but hey, you’re attention span
will only go so far! ha ha

Speak Soon,


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